- larry calloway -

snow don't bother him
mud don't, or
water and he
find some place out of wind.
Three sore feet, four, maybe just one, don't matter
nothin' ever bother Curly Baker.
Don't stop movin' 'cept for sleep or
try figger somethin'.
Never succeed figger nothin', make no difference
sit in one place quivver keep in shape
tongue in or out, he never know.

Seem have sense of humor, seldom bark.
Plenty smart but never take trouble.
to learn nothin'. S'posed to be sheep dog.
Nobody hate.
Nobody hate Curly Baker, treatum like Indian
say "GOGETUM", laugh when he go
"no savvy you bet" wag tail.
Too dirty go in house never seem be cold.
He like kids. Wish I
never be cold like Curly Baker and have fun
do no harm nobody hate
maybe even catch muskrat.

Black Curly Baker sit in white snow
breathe frost, keep sharp lookout, wait.
Somebody say: "Looka stupid Dumb Dog".
Ludicrous appearance suggest complete disorder
but simple setup never get out of whack.
Curly Baker okay.
Cavort back and forth cross front bumper pickup, yell
"Curly GEDDOU THERE" him simply put down ears
run jump in irrigation ditch, run long side pickup
down in fields couple mile, couple mile back
get loosened up good, run smooth like lubricated
two piece synchronize dog.

What happen when Curly Baker die?
Nothin'. Brother-in-law prob'ly get new dog.
No hurry. Curly don't do nothin', not even
help feed sheep. Knows how to
work gates, go in, out.
Ask Brother-law: "Looka that Curly Baker",
him only shake head.

I think Brother-in-law like Curly, Curly
think so too. He like be told
"Curly GEDDOU THERE". Put nose in glove,
make joke. Curly not likely die easy.
Been run over twice, still young dog.
- Joe Griggs

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